A Question to the Wise; Why am I alive

Is this us or just in me to feel this space with such intensity
Most of my time is spent on mind
Tracing the paths back and fourth through time
With intent to understand or better yet describe
the process through which a thought to action is quick to come alive.

Fully rational and absent from the itch to lie
Has become a central theme and quite a focal point within the narrative of ‘I’
Infiltrating the very text of how, with whom, wherefore, and why I live my life

Passionate and eager; i ask defining questions to my wise. Whilst, in answers place I find no words, only bitter murmurs avoiding eye to eye.
As if my public ponder robbed them of their why’s. Shell of a man once so sure of who and why, now left in sombre – most to my surprise.

So the truth of my truth still remains very much misunderstood, untapped, and unforeseen. Ignorantly labled and placed amongst those things they call obscene.

Some form of discipline and mix of time brings with it a fine tune spelt out in rhyme

I believe this to be a truth of some sort; “proofing” value from thought
That God part which sparks Art from the mind. Intangible evidence of something Divine.With this being said I’ve come to see that much of this reality is intangible and raw
As well as match those lines which tend to come full circle, leaving me in Awe
The matter which I mind the most, is subject to the host.
Mere contemplation of the former presents a stroke of curious wonder:
Am I in the eye of the storm or part of the electric thunder?

At age 25

25 years in the making, I’ve been self-witness to cycles of progress and procrastination;  denial, passion, pity, alienation, and furious wonder.

I used to believe that a life well lived laid in the pride received from family and fears from foes. I thought that intention and honesty would trump revenue for accolade.

But with that being said, I also thought that intellectual wisdom got passed down through the ages. Like a footprint through time proofing progress; a natural by-product of an evolutionary success.

The further I go along the timeline of minds, ideas and context-rich spaces – the greater the gap in pace; the elevation of mind versus the evolution of matter.

The profundity of ancient thoughts have a noticeable and depreciating effect on todays wisdom quotes and academic literature – let alone daily conversation.

460 years before Christ, Hippocrates proposed: “Men ought to know that from nothing else but the brain come joys, delights, laughter and sports, and sorrows, griefs, despondency, and lamentations…and by the same organ we become mad and delirious, and fears and terrors assail us…all things we endure from the brain when it is not healthy”.

He came to believe that “A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses”.

2 centuries later, the science and internet of things leave small room for motivating wonder. Once imaginations are now quick to form tangiable life. The strive for most efficient with little or more impact compliments convenience, downloadable ingenuity, and copy-paste designs. 

Laws of objectivity and science support and maintain the requirement of facts for measure. Held in such high regard that the basis of what’s true, correct, most fair, and even righteous rests upon whomever the high courts see as fit enough to relay the black and white text in a by-the-book manner. 

The relevancy of what bothers the mind is surpassed by distractions of matter. Applied to to mould our pains to suit an outcome of pleasure .

In awe of modern matter with amature respect for mind is somewhat telling of my time. I forsee even the greatest of todays tangiable inventions becoming a lost craft to the realm of virtual spaces. It’s very much a lifestyle which it best met to nurture. But, to what degree does this impact our nature?

To pursue faith over fear, intuition is my guide. There’s no accounting for gut feeling. It’s invisible, intangible, and in many respects unexplainable.

A post-graduate of psychology; I remain a student to life. Trying my best to keep alive that flame which feuls a buring desire. To wake from my slumber; inspired to inspire.

Sculpting the Self with Veracity is unequivocally distinct from the Truth; Realistically speaking.

A single word can represent a variety of different constructs and meaning – as subjectively as a picture that paints a thousand words. With reference to this notion, I hope that you take notice this tendency as implicitly and explicitly expressed throughout my writing. I believe that this awareness is so true to many parts of life, ingrained in the very fabric that stimulates each unique perception. The way in which we perceive a concept or situation is heavily influenced by our own knowledge, past experience, thoughts about relevance and influence; and most significantly, the context which embodies an event.

I believe that I can understand the process through which my thoughts produce my reality; however, this understanding is always subject to change as I become exposed to new forms of information and knowledge. Thus, within this context I use the words “truth” and “reality” very loosely, as the formal definitions are dependent on the relationship between accurate facts and the accurate account of  those facts – two operational requirements which become tainted from the moment of human interaction. In accordance with my understanding, neither one of the concepts mentioned above can ever be fully understood or conceptualized by the human mind, as a mind cannot escape from its own mind to observe itself more objectively. Even the mere attempt to understand or define my own “true” “reality” is impossible to achieve without subjectivity.

I believe that subjectivity is inherent to each process of experience.

Subjectivity accounts for the nurture half within human nature, illustrated through the presence of diversity.

It is thus imperative to understand that definitions of truth, reality, life, love…etc. are contextual and reflective of a lens unique to that authors frame of mind and reference at the time.

You do not get anything more personal than one’s thoughts; a by-product of language that is bound to culture and context. As a result, the lens through which I perceive, experience, interpret, internalize, and subsequently externalize, is personal, unique, and one part of a universal “truth”. This ties into the discourse of “good” and “bad” which are equally relative, dependent on context and content. Therefore, when speaking to intangible constructs which are not definable through science or universal consensus (such as 1 + 1 = 2) it falls within the realm of opinion. My truth is true to me and me alone, and as much as I’d like to maintain the idea of consistency in self through values, morals, and beliefs, sometimes my head conflicts with my heart and vice versa, producing a thought or action totally unforeseen, “out of character”, or hypocritical. This is the truth of reality. This is the essence of the human experience as nature meets nurture.

Whilst personal hypocrisy led to enhanced open-mindedness, it has also proven very beneficial by highlighting the role of context, subjectivity, and self-preservation. It has become apparent as well as important to recognize the influence of human interaction, particularly in the shaping of who I believe to be; what I stand for and why. In doing so I make way for a more honest account of who I am, moment to moment. This breeds both self-acceptance and self-fluidity through a flexible approach toward myself and the idea of control. One danger of belief lies in the power of opinion and the perceived importance of being universally “right”. 

There is a difference between approval and acceptance.

The former is subject to personal regard whilst the latter should be a given.

By disregarding this distinction, freedom of choice is undermined due to the specific – and often unspoken – terms and conditions attached to the product of both action and inaction. 

Exercising personal responsibility within my life plays an important role in how I perceive and create my own reality. To accomplish this I have committed to maintaining an understanding that promotes freedom of bias and subjectivity of the highest degree. Subjective in the sense of being bias towards my own idea and against another that stems from ignorance, favoritism, assumption, and/or false knowledge, that may influence my thoughts and behavior within and towards a particular situation. Such subjectivity has the potential to mislead perceptions and the understanding of an idea or experience. Therefore diluting it, molding its content to my will and degrading its value.

In summary, to gain understanding through a subjective light will have an influence on the observations that I will make, how I will perceive/understand such observations and then the degree to which I find that my perceptions are true/fact.

Claiming to understand the “real truth” of any kind, in its holistic form – especially those involving human interaction and influence, may for the most part be made only on a superficial level.

I recognize myself as existing within a series of social networks that are interconnected and interdependent, which ultimately produce reality.

Therefore, all aspects need to be accounted for as one needs to understand all the parts that make up the whole which is an impossible feat as life is an ever unravelling string; completely unscripted, indefinitely unique. 

Making claims to truth will inherently depend on how I define “truth”, and thus, my truth may not necessarily be true for someone else. Yet in the quest for knowledge with the understanding that not even I am free from subjectivity, I direct my curiosity towards information that may highlight areas in which I may be bias. I do this as I recognize how I can be blind to the hypocrisy within my own thoughts, opinions and actions. This is not how I would like to define and produce an understanding of my reality. Thus, I aim to pursue knowledge that is based on primary rather than secondary information which is where I hope that you as the reader will come in and participate in my search.

P.s I hope that by understanding a fraction of my reality you may be willing to share yours.

Tipping the scale from Iconic to Ironic #2022


Living within such disruptive times, we’re caught between a rather iconic yet ironic place.

Baring whiteness to the power of presence; truth and reality are 2 states I won’t waver gracefully.

Knowing that everything with intent eventually materializes – what makes you think the virtual space is any different?

Finding common ground amongst such turbulence is becoming a true test of character.

#realtalk #mindsetchallenge #trustyourgut

Faith over fear

In the pursuit of faith over fear
my place within each remain some
what unclear.

Blurry lines divide fact from fiction as much as the idea of God whom controls ones fate over personal affliction.

I am the one I need to ask in times of both conviction and confusion
But catch myself forgetting faith and in such a space excuse the urse of insecure or fear-induced delusion.
I find myself from time to time lost again within a maize which, truth be told is built upon my own intrusion.

If left to ripple on
Can spark the start of a trend to lend, to mend and blend what’s given and or chosen
And so with Ease the one mis-use can turn abuse
Into some part in parcel day-to-daily habitual abuse
A norm so forms without direct
And in its place we sum one up as having preconceived intent
As the cause for all is lost within the ripple;
Now in effect so too become one which in itself is perpetual

The source of cause too deep to detect
– I say this now with all due respect –
it’s tough to notice moments of personal bias and at times to not neglect
The mind will always proceed with that which it has so perceived to be and at present come to know as best 

To me I believed that to trust I must test,
but this comes out in a blur as an aim to deflect or project.
I understand this now as the means through which I express
To myself that I’m in some state of duress
Blind to my own mind; In overdrive
It sees only the path of self-protect

In such a space I must not make haste
but rather choose to trust this place, confront my pace and set the tone for the scene in which I’ll find myself again with grace

To trust is a must yet equally elusive.
Your rise may mean my fall or your truth be my treason
Tis within such a place where I find fate meeting with reason.

I expect no response, nor finite conclusion but do wish to define my real from idealistic illusions.

Attention to intention is my current use of means 
To overcome fear, I must both know and believe in me
To trust in my fate with faith – transparently.
In both mind and matter my actions are cause for self-satisfaction 
I feel refined and not confined.

The key to this for me at least tends to the dimensions of uncapped capacity
tempered with a welcomed pace
This compliments the art of patience alikeness to God’s grace

The opposing thought is of frustration, an escape with bitter taste
No moment nor experience is mistaken nor of waste.
Each and every breath I breathe is given onto me
Tis another opportunity; both a blessing and a treat.
While the pursuit of faith over fear is not a faint-hearted feat
It’s worth the climb, the pain, the pressure and surmounting heat

My choice along this venture is to make use of highs and lows
Be attentive to the peaks it brings;
To those whom come and go.
And try not to hide behind my truth under a veil of retreat or self defeat

Therein I find a turning point that is particular to me
To act with intention, forethought, and clarity
This is the space wherein I find that grace and patience finally have time to greet.

In my presence, I’m reminded of a future time when I might be reacquainted with impatience.
This is not an expectation nor premonition
But a part of mindfulness in practice
A choice I make, and so accept;
A life that is not one for those complacent
To be realistic with my part in patterns
Again as I seek to reap what’s mine though moments of practiced contemplation
Where I find myself in a state of mind indulging want, design, desire, divine, as well as hesitation.

Who’m I to question fate when perfection is oh so blatant
On the other hand, each part serves a purpose
Even doubt, fear, and expectation.
Tis such a place that provokes my thought to produce an opposing land of potentials within action
To indulge in either one, some, none or neither.
The best I’ve found is the latter
Which adds some spice of life to thought which I’ve come to know as the magic matter
Aiding idea to action which is the zest aside from that which I find still beating within my chest
Again I know I’m blessed

This personal batter puts to test those whom are willing to self-invest
And explore the path to the extent of ones own depth with an open mind and expectation only to accept whatever it is that life decides the mind should deal them next

You’ll know you’re found
When in place of a preacher
You see yourself as both the learner and the teacher
Bestowed onto those whom believe and so listen
For the presence of that silent speaker
This is Gods word, and a blessing in reward
To those in tune, in touch, in feeling and in awe
A gift that is so precious yet if overlooked or unaware will be carelessly neglected

Tis profound and so is found within ones choice to see a lesson
Pertaining to no right or wrong, nor specific part in question
But serve to shine light onto whom, what, why, and where, I’m paying for this service of selective attention

Within there lays my distance from my original intention.
Reminding me to trust with faith and redefine the perceivable mistakes Ive named;
And see it all as the bricks i need which pave my past to present.
In such all acts reflect the part of a necessary tension
For strange events interact with and through perception
Belonging not to some coincidence but a shared and divine intervention.

From thought to choice in action and reflection.
The will to power is the start to a chain of mutual reactions.

The time is both now and forever.
No thing can predict nor state potentials of a never,
No matter how wise, well-respected, nor genius clever.

This life is a choice, a personal endeavor
To make of that which I will to power with or without pleasure.
To craft memories through moments, to love, laugh and pass on this treasure
A state of mind where I hope to find the following in fashion
Designing my space with the rhythm and flow which has a likeness to Gods grace,
Allowing me such clarity that in place of doubt I am once again found with passion and conviction.

This life is a choice, a personal endeavor
To make of that which I will to power with or without pleasure
To craft memories through moments, to love, laugh and wonder without measure

I’m in a state of mind where I hope to find that part of God in place of doubt and with grace pass on this treasure.

Obstacle vs Opportunity; The infamous coin toss

If you intend to use your influence to breed enlightenment then you need to consider yourself as one of the change-makers.

Every thing is of value; belief and perspective mold the relationship between mind and matter. This is an important process to consider.

If we seek to stimulate informed decision-making, we need to allow ourselves to engage with others in an encouraging way. In a manner most inclined to foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and empowerment. *A key to maintaining success once achieved rests upon the presence of sustainability; where innovation is earned as the byproduct of empowered inspiration

On a scale of what’s considered constructive: criticism, conversation, company, and collaboration, all tick the box.

“Constructive” as an adjective is not the bottom-line value here. It’s the “what is”.
“Constructive” in this context is considered for what it really is. An abstract construct grounded in ideologies concerned with either right or wrong; good or bad; black or white; yes or no. At this point my attention is brought back to the bottom-line value – which will always be an open-ended reference.

It’s at this point I’d like for you to recognise a topical pattern here and contemplate what could be mean by bottom-line values.

When I say Bottom-line values, I refer to that thing which speaks to my core, forces my focal point to present, and motivates a stronger call to action unbiased by external factors.

Dealing with either logic or emotion alone – which ever force is strongest. Sometimes the bottom-line isn’t clear but most times it is. Just don’t get lost in the fluff-stuff; the distractor-factor; the unconducive unconstructive bullshit.

Obstacle versus opportunity are two sides of the same coin. Thus – irrespective of the coin, the toss, heads or tails; the winners perspective defines the outcome.

Everybody has the capacity for greatness, but not everyone is exposed to the formula transforming potential into success.

Consider a solution-based perspective complimentary to a vision of your world, how we going to get there, and best maintain the ripple of our effect. I think that’s the game changer.

Compartmentalization: A product of appearance

My truth: I feel that i cant be completely honest about who I am, when, where, why, and with whom, etc. at all times because i cant guarantee authenticity from my lips through your ears.

It’s at times encouraged to hide parts of ourselves from others or suppress parts of ourselves from ourselves to “fit in” or avoid rejection or misrepresentation.

Most times I feel I have to be alone in my truth because in the past it’s done me no favours to be absolutely honest with everyone or even just certain people about what I do, when, where, how, why and with whom. I understand that anything i say may not be heard and understood by another in the same light as I intended. Often, because it’s not interpreted or internalized within a space of like-mindedness. It’s at this point where truth and acceptance thereof can stimulate conflict, disagreement, and misrepresentation – becoming a catch22 when wanting to foster relationships built on honesty and transparency. When I just want to do and be me freely.

At times I feel conflicted.

Conceptualizing the paradigmatic history of Psychology, lends toward popular thought that intellectual wisdom develops through an evolutionary process that proves more accurate in the face of technology and the company of science.

Yet, the profundity of ancient minds are philosophically unmatched. In this case, knowlege killed curiosity and wisdom is the cat.


“The wealth required by nature is limited and is easy to procure; but the wealth required by vain ideals extends to infinity.”

— Epicurus, alive in ancient Greece circa 300 BCE.


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